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The Life of a Dog Owner: As Told Through Memes

The Life of a Dog Owner: As Told Through Memes

Whether you own one, three, or ten dogs, your daily life seems to revolve around them. Regardless of how many pups reside in your home, we do know one thing — being a dog owner can be hectic. We think these memes and GIFs accurately represent the daily life of a dog owner.

Waking Up When You Own a Dog

Eating Breakfast (Or Anything) When You Have a Dog


We'd Like to Think They Wait Patiently for Us When We are Out

But We Know That Sometimes...

Our Dogs Can Be...

...More Than a Little Mischievous!

And We All Know This Classic Canine Tune

On the Plus Side, they are Always Happy to See Us

They Will Rescue Us from Danger

Have No Idea How Big they are, and Cuddle Anyways

And Always Cheer Us Up When We are Blue

We May Struggle for Privacy at Times

And Feel That We Will Never Eat in Peace Again

But Who Wouldn't Want to Live with One of These Lovely Creatures?

Okay...Maybe Some of Them Have a Little Work to Do

There ya have it folks. The day in the life of a dog owner. Can you relate?

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